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For Adventurers

If you're looking for a present for those friends who won't sit still and love to head out up a mountain or onto the beach, we're here to help. 


1. Whalebone 

Whalebone has collections of hand knitted beanies in three styles, the Fisherman, the Explorer and the Pom, and a beautiful selection of colours.


Designed for explorers and adventurers, they are perfect for keeping you warm whether you're walking the dog in the park or climbing a Snowdon. 

View all the colour and style options on their Etsy. All hats are priced between £30-35. 


2. Dirtbag

Dirtbags are perfect for transporting mucky shoes, wet gym kits or swim stuff, and keeping other objects away from the dirt. Stylish prints on the outside and water resistant linings inside that protects everything else. Dirtbag was created so people no longer need to use plastic bags to store and travel your goods.


Dirtbag show that practical can also be pretty. 

Swim Bags are £10, Large Shoe Bags are £15 and Extra Large Bags are £20 and all available in a variety of patterns via Etsy. 

3. Pics by Bobs

This gorgeous shot is called 'Mindfulness in the Forest' and is the perfect way to bring some of the outside in for when it really is too cold or lockdown too locked to get out for a countryside walk. 

Prints are available via Etsy, and cost £12. 

Pics By Bobs.jpg

4. I Am A Crafty Gnome

The Wilderness Bottle Sling is a great way to carry water on a hike, or just when you're out and about. Made from 100% recycled cotton macrame rope.

If you're buying for Adventurers you might want to check out The Glastonbury Water Sling, and the The Kerala and The Mirissa yoga straps. 

The Wilderness Bottle Sling is available in nine colour options on Etsy and costs £17. 

5. Knitted by JW

These beautiful hand knitted snoods are the best way to keep warm and cosy whilst out adventuring. Snoods won't fly in your face with a strong gust of wind and tthey look great! (You can even get snoods for your dog from Knitted by JW too!)

Available for £30 via Facebook or Instagram

Snood photo.jpg
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