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Back to Work Supplies

As we head back into work after such a long absence, we had better make sure we are all prepared to get back into the swing of things with everything we need! 

Hand Sanitiser Holders - SewnUpByJen.png

Sewn Up By Jen

Ideal for Wigs, Wardrobe and Stage Management, this hand sanitiser pouch is perfect to clip on to you during a show to keep your hands clean, so you don't have the moment of realisation when you eat a handful of sweets and remember you just hand your hands inside someone's dance shoes. 

These handy pouches cost just £8 from

Jumper Gang

Lots of us are going to have to return to our all black uniform very soon, so why not treat yourself to a new jumper from Jumper Gang? This hoodie is a stylish and typically understated backstage celebration of our return to the wings! Check out the whole variety of great designs available, as all are very customisable you can get the perfect jumper, either for backstage, or outside the pub after a show!


You can join the Jumper Gang on Etsy, jumpers from £27.50, and hoodies from £29.50


The Dark Theatres Project

We are probably going to be wearing masks for a little while yet, so why not get a beautiful safety curtain for your face that has a photo of a real theatre curtain? The Dark Theatres Project has the options of The Savoy or The Playhouse and are raising money for  BackUpThe Theatrical GuildThe Theatres TrustActing for Others - all amazing theatre charities! 

Masks cost £10 and available on

Orla Ros

Lots of notes will need to be taken when rehearsals are back on - be it fitting notes, props lists or stage directions - and Orla Ros have you covered! These brilliant A5 notebooks come in a huge variety of designs to suit all styles!


These notebooks are £9.50 each but the price goes down if you buy a pair (£8.50 each) or a set of 4 (£7.50 each), and you can get them at

Orla Ros notebook image.jpg
Your Little Theatre -Audition Box.JPG

Your Little Theatre

Whether you are trying to win a hard-earned place at Drama School or paid work, Your Little Theatre can help you expand your knowledge and find that perfect audition piece with their "Audition Survival Kit". In each one of the boxes, you receive a preloved contemporary and classical play, some tasty treats, and a good luck charm for your auditions, from a great small business. You will also be able to stand out from the crowd and keep all your audition materials together organic tote bag or book bag or pencils. 

Available for £22 from

Cloth and Clay

These beautiful linen half aprons from Cloth and Clay are inspired by those worn by dressers, and currently available in these four colours, but open to customisation if your need yours in black for being backstage! Or keep it in pink or green if you're in a costume workroom or wigs room or your show has REALLY good masking!

Available for £21 on Etsy.

image0 (2).jpeg
Buy something please tool roll.jpg

Buy Something Please

This small tool roll from Buy Something Please is made using remnants of cotton drill from other projects so nothing goes to waste. It is a great and handy product for tidying away all those bits and bobs, whether it's brushes for makeup or painting, craft tools or workshop tools -  it can cater a variety. With various pockets to keep your essential tools in one place. Don't go back to work and immediate lose all your stuff again!

Available for £20 from

Crafty Gnome

Heading back into work as we hopefully also get a bit of sunshine, we'll all be needing to keep hydrated. Get one of Crafty Gnome's 5 different types of water sling -

The Wilderness, Glastonbury, Boomtown, Glyndbourne and Nomad. Perfect for not losing your waterbottle backstage or in a dressing room, but also stops the iconic clatter of a metal bottle loudly hitting the floor in the wings during the only quiet bit of a show!

They are priced between £15-18 and available on Etsy.


Stitch Studio

The perfect personalised pencil case for anyone heading back into a rehearsal room or production meeting - display it prominently and give new colleagues an extra clue when trying to remember lots of new names!  These handy little zip pouches are the perfect personalised gift and are suitable for use as a make up bag, a jewellery case, sunglasses pouch, passport holder, pencil case or face mask pouch.

These zip pouches cost £7 and are available on Etsy.

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