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Being Featured:What I need from you.

The way it is working on the website is two areas - the feature posts and the gallery. Every business has a post on the gallery from the point that I have the details to add them, and then the post on the website and Facebook page, and 3 posts on Instagram on their 'Feature Day'. All posts will have the same content.

What I need from you to make all this happen is:

1. Three images - These can be individual product images, collages of multiple products, logos or a mixture - however you would like to present your business. When sending the images you must name them with your business name and if you have a preference of the order in which they appear please also put left/middle/right in the image name. The most successful posts have been singular eye-catching images rather than collages of multiple photos. (More info on the "Feaure Day Tips" page. 


2. Image Descriptions - Please include an image description for each of your images to be added to the captions for each post to improve accessibilty for those using screen readers for visual impairments. THESE ARE NOT PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS. I have a guide on writing image descriptions for you too!

3. A short blurb - This will make up the body of the posts on the website/facebook and will be used as the caption for all three instagram posts. We want to make it clear that everyone being featured are theatre types, so whilst it doesn't have to be detailed or the focus of the post, mentioning your usual job role or shows/theatres you've worked is good. More than two sentences is good, but we don't need your whole life story. 

4. Links - Please provide any links to your pages, including instagram, but also if you have a personal website, facebook page, etsy store, redbubble - any of them, I don't want to miss a way to get you a sale. Please check the spellings, especially of your insta-handles. 

5. Specific hashtags - You know more about your business than I do, if there are hashtags you want added to posts so you can be found I need to know them. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on a post and it's good to keep them varied - I will add general ones like #supportthearts and #supportsmallbusiness - but beyond that I need your input. 

6. Contact email - I know some businesses are selling just through instagram at the moment to avoid fees on other platforms, but we will hopefully also be bringing non-insta users (the old and rich) to your businesses so we want to give them a way to contact you. 

7. Location - Instagram favours posts with a location added, so please say where you'd like for me to say you are. I thought either your town/city or a theatre that means something to you?

The deadline for getting the stuff over to me would be noon one week before being featured. 

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