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Boosting The Project:Ways to help. 

Ways to help the NotOnTheWestEnd project generally:

1.       Please like and invite your friends and family to like the Facebook page. Just select all and click invite – no need to be coy, there’s a pandemic on. –

2.       Follow the Twitter account, I won’t clog up your feed but I use it occasionally to point out the project to the famous types and we look more legit if we have more followers. 

3.       Share the Instagram to your personal, as well as business account. The people who follow your business Insta already know about your business. And don’t wait for your day, because you want the customers there ALREADY to see your stuff. Obviously, do it on your day too!

4.       More Instagram etiquette. Save, Share, Like and Comment on each other’s posts on NOTWE as well as tapping through to their pages and pressing follow and liking some stuff there. We are beholden to algorithms, so let's help each other out.

5.       If you make a sale and they’ve told you they found you through NOTWE, share that fact! And encourage your customers to share your product on social media (and get them to tag us too!)

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