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Etsy Tips:How to get views and sales on your Etsy shop

Firstly: THERE IS AN ESTY SELLER HANDBOOK. FROM ETSY. I had no idea either!


Check it out here: Etsy Seller Handbook.

But onto what I've learnt from you guys and also YouTube (video links to some good ones at the bottom of the page). 


The consistent information is the more listings the better. Start with 20+. Etsy want you to have hundreds, but for most of us that is not achievable, so do as many as you can, and then use the following tips to make the most of them. 


2.    Get Reviews!

After 14 days you can send an email to the customer to ask nicely for a review if they liked your product or feedback if they didn't. Engage with your customers and they're more likely to remember you're a human and leave you a glowing review. Feel free to tell them you're just starting out and would love them to let you know any feedback via messages. Check that everything arrived safely etc.

Etsy suggest that you can offer discounts to customers who review, which may encourage them to become repeat customers too!

3.     Listing Images

Each listing should have a minimum of 5 images. You can use up to 10. Fill out as many as is reasonable, but close ups, in use, side views etc will all help. Etsy really want all the spaces filled. 

4.     Video

Include video, about 5-15 seconds, of behind the scenes video, for example of you making the item, or a 360 view of the product. Etsy likes it when you use all the options they've given you - it's an indication of commitment to the platform. 

5.    Packaging

Include a photo of how to package the product if you do make it fancy. If you're using sustainable/recycled packaging let people know in the description. When you are packaging, live that Etsy seller meme and make it personal. If you've got a leaflet/postcard/business card to pop in with the product, do! Send them the details of your social media, ask for them to leave a review, tell them how much their support of your business means. If it's cute they'll keep it around and that will remind them to buy from you again. 

6.     Listing Titles

Make sure to use the first 3 words of listing titles as specific and accurate as possible. Words like 'handmade' don't help viewers know what your product is. 

You can use longer titles for your listings as these can improve your appearance in search results, and use keywords that people will search first. If you've chosen a particular name for a particular style of product, feel free to use it, but use is later in a title and prioritise the broader search terms that people might use. 

7.     Tags

Use all 13 available to you. Don't worry about including common misspellings or americanisations or plurals, the algorithm is clever enough to show "diary" if someone searches "diaries" - and this goes for all titles and keywords. To make the most use of them, don't repeat the keywords in your title. If you have the word macrame in your title you don't need it in your tags, think about adding styles instead - rustic, boho, etc.

Etsy also suggest using specific phrases rather than singular words. 

8.    Search Tips

Etsy search uses titles, tags, categories and attributes and free shipping. So use them all an put as much information in all of them as possible. 

9.    Free Shipping

Do Free Shipping if you can - include the cost in your product price. Most etsy searches have had the free shipping box ticked and these will be shown in searches first. Make sure to still include the cost of shipping in your price though! 

10.    Attributes

Add attributes for all listings, at least 3-4. This is the options to add primary and secondary colours, occasions and celebrations. 

11.    SEO Assistance

All of this stuff so far is in some ways Etsy SEO - Seach Enging Optimization. There are companies, both paid and with basic free options and you can find them by going to the "Integrations" tab of your Shop Manager panel. Etsy recommend using "eRank" - which is free. Hurrah! By linking your Etsy account it will assess your shop and listings - including for spelling mistakes, missed details. It will also show your position in search results for specific phrases, so you can see how your changes and updates can improve your position.

12.    Etsy SEO Assistance 

Etsy does occasionally get in contact with sellers and offer a free hour one to one consultation with them to help help improve your listings. A few of our businesses have done this (it's how we've got so many tips) and would highly recommend doing this if you get an email asking if you would like one. It was full of information and they give 30 free listings - with an opportunity to get free promotion credit it you then follow their advice!

13.   Pricing

Make sure you're charging enough to be making a profit. Remember your worth. IF you're not sure what people will pay, search on Etsy for other sellers doing similar things to you and see what they're charging and how many sales they've made. 

14.   Photography

Make sure your photos are good! You don't need a complicated set up, but bright daylight it a good start. Beautiful and complicated set ups are great, but consider a simple shot on a plain back ground as well - it will help get to you to the 5+ photos too! 

15. Descriptions

Tap into buyers emotions in your descriptions and product descriptions should be approximately 300 words. Think how can I improve the life of my customer with this product. Also, don't be afraid to put your personality, or your brand's personality into the descriptions. They can be more than just a list of factual details about the product. Additionally include a link back to your shop, as it will encourage potential customers who have found your listing through search results to look at your other products. 

16.    Renewing 

Renewing existing listings, whether they have sold out or not. This does cost money, but it makes Etsy think you're serious and care about your shop and Etsy. Tedious, I know. But this also notifies anyone who follows your shop that you've got new listings and will remind them you exist and there was something about you they liked and they might want to buy from you. 

This video is only 12 minutes long and every moment of it is useful and is fact checked to the etsy hand book and this video came out this summer. 

I watched this video on YouTube that goes through in detail how to improve your keywords (from 10.30 mins ish, but she's got lots of good tips). It's very specific in her examples to what she does - wreaths, but I think she does explain the concepts well. 

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