Dress Green

With the start of a new year you can make big changes, like rejecting fast fashion which is a huge global polluter. These fantastic business offer a variety of options to slow down your fashion, whilst still looking stylish.


Clobber and Sprout

Clobber and Sprout is a unique vintage rental service. The way it works is also surprisingly simple: complete a style and size survey, rent your box (either just one month or subscribe for longer) of 7-10 vintage items chosen especially for you, wear your clobber for a month, and then choose to send it all back or buy any pieces you can't bare to part with! 

Get all the details and your subscription on clobberandsprout.co.uk

Northern Sew


How's Your Father

How's Your Father takes vintage and pre-loved clothes and turns then into something just a bit more special by giving them a magical makeover with paints, tassels, sequins and embroidery. 


London Clothing Alterations

Yoga mat strap

Kitty's Attic Shop


House of Quirk


With thanks to Mike and Judie Saunders for their financial support of this project. 

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