Feature Day Tips:Make the most of it

1.       Website Post 

The website post about your business goes live at 9am on your day. At least a couple of hundred unique visitors go to the website each day. 

2.       Facebook Post 

The Facebook post goes live at 10am on your day. In true social media fashion, the more interactions it had the more people it will be subsequently shown to. The Facebook page has 2.8k followers. Without being shared by facebook users the algorithm doesn't show the post to most of the followers. Without shares posts get a reach of less than 500. With shares some posts have a reach of 12,000. 

(Feel free to save this image and share it, to remind your followers that they can help your business, FOR FREE!)

3.       Instagram Posts 

The Instagram posts go live at 12pm, 1pm and 2pm. And interactions in the first half hour for each of are apparently how the algorithm knows to show them to the other people.  

So if you’re able to jump on (and maybe get some friends and family too as well) to like, save, share and comment then it really does really help! It is sharing and saving that have the most impact, so sharing each of the posts to your story as they go up and asking friends and family to do the same has a big impact on how many of the NOTWE followers even see the post. 

The businesses who have done this have seen a much greater impact from their day - one business recently got almost 200 new followers and one of their posts is NOTWE's highest performing post - more so than ones I have paid to promote. 

The way the algorithm works, apparently, is that a post is only put in 10% of followers feeds. If those 10% of people interact, THEN Instagram deems it good enough to show to more people, in they interact then more people see it and so on. If you don't get Shares and Saves and Comments and Likes (in that order of importance) then Instagram doesn't bother show it to anyone else. Because...capitalism, I guess. 

The lesson here is Fuck The Algorithm.

With thanks to Mike and Judie Saunders for their financial support of this project. 

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