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Business Support

This is an area to provide some more support to businesses who are part of the Not On The West End project. In the pages below you'll find information about selling on etsy, getting engagement to work the instagram algorithm, what you need to send to be featured, information about any upcoming markets and anything else that might be helpful. 

We also now have a Discord server for Not On The West End businesses - please join! It's a place to talk to other businesses and get advice and offer support, or just complain about the algorithms. We'll be hosting video chats for when you want to work on a project with some company. If you want to host a video chat about a specific topic, or just because you're bored/lonely/want to talk about theatre and cry into your gin, then just let me know and I'll spread the word.

  • Being Featured - a full list of what you need to send for your featured day. 

  • Feature Day Tips - how to make the most of your feature day. 

  • Insta Tips - What you can do to work the algorithm to get engagement on instagram

  • Etsy Tips - How to make Etsy show your shop and listings in search results

  • Stickers - Do you want some Not On The West End stickers?

  • Boosting the Project - How to help the project and spread the word!

  • How To Write Image Descriptions - A guide for image descriptions for your posts. 

  • Business Services - Get help with your business from actual professionals!

  • Eco-Suppliers - Hopefully going to be a list of good and eco-friendly suppliers, but we need your recommendations too!

  • Supporting the Project - if you've got £3 you can kick in to help keep the website up, then head over to our ko-fi page. 

Where are you?

I would like to create a map showing our spread of businesses across the country - I think it would be great to show that we really are NOT on the West End only, but from all over the UK! If you'd be happy to have your vague location on this map (I'm not asking for street addresses, just your town or city or maybe the first half of your postcode).

Thanks for submitting!

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