Insta Tips:Free ways to get the most out of Instagram

1.       Hashtags, Part 1. 

You can use up to 30 per post. The most effective way to use them is by having a mixture of popular and niche ones - #supportsmallbusiness is popular, and #notonthewestend is niche, for example.

2.       Hashtags, Part 2

You also get better chances if you change them up on each post, don’t use an identical set of 10 on everything.


3.       Hashtags, Part 3. 

Instagram apparently also knows if you type them in my hand or copy and paste and will reward you in someway for taking the time and tapping each one individually.


4.       Editing.

Your posts drop in search results and in people’s feeds if you edit after posting. Double check everything is right first time.

(Feel free to save this image and share it, to remind your followers that they can help your business, FOR FREE!)

5.       Comments, Part 1.

This is a way to help both your posts on NotOnTheWestEnd but also help each other. Commenting on a post helps that post come higher in search results and in your followers feeds and posting a comment with 4 or more actual words in is even better. Apparently the difference between “Beautiful!” and “This is so beautiful!” is important.


6.       Comments, Part 2. 

Respond to comments on your posts (both on your personal account and on your feature post on NOTWE). Thank people for compliments and answer any questions.

7.       Sharing, Part 1. 

You can share a post using the paper airplane icon below the image and this again impacts rankings in search results/feeds. This includes sending it privately and to your story. You can be brazen and just find a friend with a business too and just agree to share each others posts to each other. Find a friend who doesn’t mind seeing your gorgeous work and use your personal account to send them all of your business account’s posts. Ask friends to share your work on their stories – I promise people are wanting to support you and will be happy to.

8.       Sharing, Part 2. 

If you have any sort of promotion happening, tag @notonthewestend and I’ll do my best to share it to our stories. Launching new products, or a discount code, or a charity appeal or a giveaway – send them to me!

9.       Timing. 

The more interactions (likes/comment/shares) that your posts receive in the first half hour of being up, the higher up in feeds/search results instagram’s algorithm will put it.

10.   Community. 

Do these things to help each other, not just for your own posts.

With thanks to Mike and Judie Saunders for their financial support of this project. 

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