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You're in the Spring Market!

Thanks for being a part of the Not On The West End Spring Market! We want you to know exactly what we need from you as part of participating in the market. We are trying to make this as simple as possible and also make the market as huge success for you guys! 

By 6pm on Friday 29th January:

On Market Announcement Day - Saturday 6th February

  • Share @notonthewestend's instagram post announcing the market to your instagram stories

  • Share @notonthewestend's instagram post about the prize competition to your instagram stories

NOTWE Spring Virtual Market.jpg

By 6pm on Friday 12th February:

  • Grace must have received your donated competition prize, either to her address or if you are sending a voucher, emailed to her at

Before Sunday 14th March:

  • Share a post to your feed about the Market and Prize Competition

Over the Market Weekend Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March:

  • Share a post to your feed with a "stall" image - this doesn't have to be necessarily be a photo of a physical stall, but should clearly about the market. This post should also have a second image to swipe to about the prize competition (we will send out this image).

  • You will be given an time slot (eg Saturday AM) when your post will be shared to @notonthewestend's instagram stories, so your "stall" image will need to be shared by a specific time for this - eg 10am/2pm. 

  • If you're taking part in the live streams you will be given a time slot ahead of the weekend. Your part of the live stream will be 5-10 minutes. During this you'll be asked about what you did in theatre pre-shutdown, what your business makes, if you want to show off a specific product you have for sale over the weekend, how to find your business, and if there are any other Not On The West End businesses you'd like to give a shout out to. 

At Every Opportunity

  • Please make sure you're following the other businesses, in the project generally, but also specifically in the market. 

  • Please like, save, comment and share posts about the market from @notonthewestend.

  • Please like, save, comment and share posts about the market from your fellow businesses. 

  • Share the details of the market on your other social media - both business and personal.

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