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NEWS from Not On The West End 

Wednesday 16th December 2020 - Article in The Telegraph

Published today, an article by Dominic Cavendish, the Telegraph's theatre critic, about the many theatre professionals who have turned to other avenues. Including more about Not On The West End businesses, Flour and Fold, Oh My Sweets, Article Green, Boredom Bags, and Peter Hannah Art. Read the piece, behind a paywall, on

Sunday 22nd November 2020 - Virtual Market closes!

Thank you so much to every one who has bought from our businesses over the weekend! And congratulations to all of our competition winners! Your prizes will be on the way soon!

Saturday 21st November - Virtual Market opens!

Get shopping! And don't forget to get your tickets for the prize competition! 

Tuesday 20th October 2020 - Q&A with TheatreArtLife

Published today, on, founder of Not On The West End, Anna, answered some questions  about her experiences during the pandemic, what brought about the starting project, how it's going so far and why she is doing it and how you can get involved.

Thursday 1st October 2020 - Virtual Market!

We are excited to announce that Not On The West End will be hosting a virtual market this November. 

The market will be held over the weekend of Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November, to get everyone in the pre-Christmas spirit - with discounts on offer and live streams to meet some of the theatre pros behind the businesses. Head over to the Market page for all the information. 

Wednesday 9th September 2020 - Q&A with FreeBird

Published today, on, founder of Not On The West End, Anna, answered a few questions about the project, how it got started and why we are doing it, what we hope for theatre in the future and what theatre needs from the government.

Friday 14th August 2020 - Launch Day!

The first 3 businesses went up on the site and social media platforms and the first Not On The West End sales were made! Hurrah!

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