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Posterboy LDN

Posterboy LDN is an affordable Pop-Up Art Event showcasing the work of London creatives. 

They'll be running from the 26th-27th September at the BSMT Space in Dalston Junction.

This is a free event, curated to accommodate social distancing, encouraging you to shop local and find fantastic, unique items at a great price. 

Print work, jewellery, ceramics, homewear and more from independent artists on your doorstep.


FreeBird are a new online intersectional feminist network. A catalyst for change in the arts and creative industries. A platform promoting inclusivity, diversity and equality by connecting like-minded professionals through articles, interviews, and brand features.

Their founding team were brought together by a shared experience of misogyny in a creative business environment, and telling those stories gave us the confidence to reach out to others and widen that conversation. They want to highlight those already doing an amazing job in their fields, while giving emerging artists and creative entrepreneurs the encouragement and inspiration to forge their own paths. 

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