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Hello there! My name is Lauren Foster hence the brand name ELEF pronounced LF and in my everyday life I’m an actress living down in Brighton. But of course along with everyone else the events of 2020 took a toll on the industry. So I decided to fill my new found spare time to learn a new craft...EARRINGS Not only am I a self confessed jewellery magpie, I love working with my hands and creating little pieces of art for people to wear and enjoy! So please consider supporting and purchasing from me in the future, it would mean the world.

[Image description:

Left - a pair of double circle confetti earrings. Made of white clay, with scatterings of yellow, red, blue, orange, black. Pictured on top of vintage blue medicine bottles. With the sunlight reflecting through the bottles onto the earrings.

Middle - a pair of iridescent turquoise blue square earrings with a circle cut out in the centre. Pictures on a bamboo leave floating in water scattered with a variety of flowers and petals.

Right - a pair of beautiful iridescent turquoise blue triple heart drop down earrings, worn on a model with a renaissance painting behind her. ]


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