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A Golden Mold

Hi there! I’m Kate and my day job is and Head of Wardrobe in a theatre near Covent Garden. (usually running around picking up laundry, chasing actors into costume and having a blast nailing a quick change) But over lockdown like so may of us I have been building my own small business.

I started making hair accessories and earrings in resin, and quickly became frustrated with the molds that were available for resin earrings. So I decided to make my own and found that I loved creating with silicone much more than resin! And that’s how @agoldenmold was born.

And now I’ve got a wide range of silicone molds for air dry resin, uv resin, polymer clay, wax, concrete and foods. These molds can be used to make some little chocolate stars for a cake, a matching dinosaur earring and necklace set, or something a little bigger like coasters or matching tool rests and paint pallets.

Check out our etsy shop to see what you can make, for yourself or for clients, or see what others have made on out page @agoldenmold

And as a little treat use discount code NOTWE20 for 20% off until July.

[Image Descriptions:

Left: A selection of blue and clear molds displayed on a wooden table. They are surrounded by small black and red shapes, which the molds create, including stars, hearts and moons.

Middle: A round blue molds containing two large clouds and two small clouds with smiley faces, is held in front of a dark blue and gold background.

Right: A square blue molds containing a pair of curved earring shapes, in two parts. The mold sits on a metal gold frame, infront of a dark blue and gold background.]


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