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Alice Cox Creative

Well Hi! I’m Alice of @Alicecoxcreative, a freelance Designer, Set and Prop builder for theatre and events. Before the pandemic struck I worked almost solely on Interactive performances. With my main employer being Secret Cinema, of which i led the art department teams on many of the productions over the last few years including Moulin Rouge, Bladerunner and James Bond.

As soon as I was told all my up and coming work was cancelled and not knowing when the next pay check would be coming in, I knew I had to turn my creativity into some sort of viable, very small business. I had all of this colourful, vibrant fabric stacked away for a rainy day and I made a start making some fun vibrant cushions. My lovely friends and family started buying from me which allowed me to buy more fabrics and then start trying some new things to me like sculpting earrings out of polymer clay!

I was reading one night about masks and how important they were for protecting the spread of the virus. I had a go at making one, posted about it and the orders came flooding in. A writer from esquire magazine wrote about my bespoke face masks and then thats when everything really went wild. I had over 600 emails over one night! Long story short Ive now sold over 4000 masks, employed 6 out of work theatre costumers and seamstresses and learnt a hell of a lot about how to organise and run a small scale factory! The Independent, Guardian, Telegraph and Time Out are some of the papers I've been featured in. Its been an amazing journey, I truly feel blessed.

Work is starting to pick up again, a little bit of normality is coming back to me but @Alicecoxcreative will never cease to exist. New ventures are always on the horizon, myself and a friend/collegue have just got ourselves our first large studio/warehouse to start our new business (Watch this Space!)

@Notonthewestend has been an amazing organisation to be apart of. Working together through this turbulent time is something we should all hold dear!

To take a look at all my creative things give me a follow @Alicecoxcreative

Or visit my website to make a purchase!

[image descriptions

Left: An array of different fabrics, all are very colourful and vibrant. Some depict paper fans in blue, purple, pink and black. There is a fabric made up of bright colourful houses. Black and red pomegranates and abstract shapes. There are fabrics with flowers and finally blue and pink zig zags. They are all 100% cotton and are only a small selection of fabrics Alice has to offer.

Middle: A zoomed in photograph of part of a pinafore. The fabric used is bright yellow with bold eyes spaced evenly about it. The pinafore has one large front pocket which can be seen. The stitching is a contrasting dark colour and the buckles are gunshot metal.

Right: A facemask with a bright pink, orange and blue octopus looking out at the camera smiling. The face mask has a dark blue background and it has been laid out on a contrasting fabric made up of black, blue, orange, yellow and red.]


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