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All Stations Fitness

Hi I’m Laura but most people know me as Ginge! I’m Head of Sound on &Juliet the Musical and have always kept fit whilst working in the business, encouraging everyone backstage and on stage to come for a run with me! Before Covid struck I had already enrolled to become a Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor and Body Coach, however during lockdown was when I really got stuck into it and became qualified. 

One year during Panto I started to feel sluggish and had brain fog all the time (not just from all the haze!) I decided to look into my diet and see if anything was causing this. Gluten appeared to be the baddy and since then I haven’t looked back. This isn’t the case for everyone, as we are all uniquely  and wonderfully different! 

And so I created All Stations Fitness. A place that celebrates all our individual quirks and needs when it comes to the food we love, so we can learn about how it affects us in our daily lives. That alone is a package in itself in our Wellbeing Plan. We also offer Personalised Training Sessions for people who want to compliment the dietary element. 

The most important thing is whatever you want to achieve, whether its building a stronger core, running a mile or 10 miles! We will make a plan completely designed around you and what you like to help you feel fitter and healthier! 

All consultations are free! So please do get in touch and say hi! 

There’s also a special 10% discount for you! Just enter NOTONTHEWESTEND at the checkout for 10% off any plan!


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