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Alterations By Leah

Alterations By Leah came about towards the end of the first lockdown. As I realised my lovely theatre wardrobe jobs weren’t coming back anytime soon I decided to start to offer alterations in my local area and also to start making some bits and pieces to sell. Pre pandemic I had already become a bit obsessed with turning any scraps of leftover fabric into scrunchies for myself and had considered it as a side hustle so they were a natural choice! I choose lovely patterned cottons and the softest silk velvets to make them from and there’s a whole variety of colours and patterns available now! In my Etsy shop you’ll also find a small collection of handmade bags made from rescued deadstock fabric or repurposed vintage table cloths.

I also offer alterations, repairs and custom makes which you can email or DM me about. You’ll find some examples of these in some posts and on the “Happy Customers” highlight at the top of my page.

You can find me @alterations_by_leah &

[Image Descriptions:

Left: The back of a woman’s head with brown hair that has been pulled up into a bun, which is being held in place by a bright orange scrunchie which has the bow sections hanging down the back of her head. In the background you can see the beach, sea and blue sky.

Middle: A flat lay of lots of scrunchies, the scrunchies range in colour, pattern and texture on a white background. Pinks, oranges, blues, cream and pale green checks, pink cotton gingham, gold velvet, mustard cotton with black and white spots.

Right: A velvet scrunchie laid flat on a crinkled white paper background. The scrunchie is half pale pink and half bright red split exactly down the centre with one red and one pink bow strand coming off it.]


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