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Buy Something Please

Buy Something Please was the direct result of months twiddling our thumbs during lockdown. Created as a means to keep us entertained we decided to go about combining our shared passion for comedy and design.

When all the theatres had to close their doors I was working as head of the Mask and Puppets for the Lion King UK tour, at its Scottish stop the Edinburgh Playhouse. Even if I wasn't working in a theatre environment it would be in other events industries including festivals; with puppets and large scale costumes at the forefront, so my back-up hasn't even been possible either of course.

So moving onto a boat with my partner has meant I've not had the space to create the usual, so I've been focusing on my other love and that's drawing. Louis would come up with ideas for various of his ventures including a comedy he's been writing and satirical removal page. Eventually we got round to the idea of creating some of the illustrations on t-shirts, and hey presto, was born!

We started with t-shirts and prints but have since started expanding what we create but with the same humour and bold style of illustration.

Image descriptions:

Left: Maria is seated, posed holding a black beanie hat upon her head, with a small black backpack beside her. The treads of the bottom of her doc martens are at the forefront of the image to give a dynamic photo for the product. She is seen modelling the ‘that’s not how you thank the postman tee infant of some urban graffiti in a variety of colours. The t-shirt is navy blue it features a circle within it is a colourful scene, blue skies and few clouds it's a street scene with a parked red mail van outside a bush cordoned property. It shows a Postman delivering a letter only to be greeted by the recipient by some fingers in the mouth, quite inappropriate for Covid times and most social situations. The word that’s not how you thank the postman are featured in grey handwritten font below the circle.

Middle: A yellow t-shirt is presented on a white clothes hanger in front of a plain cream background. The t-shirt features the print ‘Bean there, do that’ by The illustration of the print is in black and white in a bold cartoon style. It features the words bean there, do that on the arm of a character who has a big mug of coffee they are pouring like a waterfall into their mouth. The coffee being poured has waves from the mug leading down the waterfall with characters diving and jumping down with the flow, there’s even a shark in the pool in the mouth. The character is happy and alert with heart shaped blush and a black flat cap on their head. A small smiling sunshine beams from the top of the mug with a large wisp of hot steaming coffee meandering up to the neckline of the shirt featuring a road that leads to space. This features a cake character walking with their friend, a bird, a paper aeroplane, stars and the words coffee in bold font. A dynamic scene that stands out on the front of the tee.

Right: Louis is leaning in front of a blue painted brick wall. He is bearded with a punk style haircut, with long hair at the top and shaven at the sides. He sticks his tongue out at the camera as he models with wide eyes. He is seen wearing a denim jacket with fur collar and a grey t-shirt with the 'Merchant Removal Man' Print by . This print features an illustrated character called Peter Vague, a rogue removal man. The print on the tee is in white, black and red. Peter Vague is inked with many tattoos from years working removals. The meanings behind each tattoo are written around the central character, a red banner is at the top of the print and features Merchant Removal Man in white font.]


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