Caro B Fin Studio

Caro B Fin Studio began as an outlet for me to design and create projects my way. In a market where so much is mass produced, I like to buy original pieces and I believe other people do too.  The flags I make put a modern twist on the vintage style pennants that I saw whilst touring the USA.  I design, cut, place and stitch all the flags myself. Therefore each pennant is unique, and one of a kind.  They are made from canvas, however I also have a range made from old sails that were destined for landfill.  I also restore and upcycle vintage flags, giving them a new lease of life as blankets and cushions. They can be enjoyed in the home or the great outdoors, whatever the weather.

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With thanks to Mike and Judie Saunders for their financial support of this project. 

Not On The West End is a registered Etsy Affiliate. When you buy something having clicked through from this site we make a very small amount of money. This does not charge either sellers or customers, but rather Etsy themselves. This money will be used to maintain the website and keep the project running. 

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