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Cloth and Clay

Hello, I'm Charlotte and I'm a costume maker for theatre. I have worked as both a dresser and maker on West End shows for the past 7 years, working within dance, opera and theatre. When lockdown hit I found myself without work, so started making cushions and pottery at home to keep busy. A few weeks later I’d made so many cushions that I had to start selling them!

@_clothandclay launched in April, beginning as a space to share my makes (both textiles and ceramics), and since evolving into a small business selling handcrafted textiles for the home. Mostly working with natural fabrics, I make a variety of items including cushion covers, aprons, tote bags and throws, and I have also continued to share my pottery journey, hoping to one day sell ceramic pieces too!

Have a look on my Etsy shop to view my current products, and feel free to message me over on @_clothandclay if you'd like a custom item made for your home.' Instagram: @_clothandclay Etsy shop:


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