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Colour Please Art

Hello, I’m Steph! A theatre designer and the creator of Colour, Please!

Colour, Please began as my own personal escape from the world. Then with a lot of free time and creative frustration, I decided to finally create my own art page to add some colour to all of the grey. I wanted to create artwork with a focus on being fun, graphic and bold to lift up any space that needs a splash of colour!

My brand focuses on delivering high quality colourful art prints and bookmarks and in the near future I am hoping to add stickers and stationery to my shop!

I create and share my art in the hopes that it will brighten someone’s day and eliminate the grey!

Instagram: @colour.please

Left Image:

[Image Description: An ornate gold frame placed on a bright pink wall. Within the frame is a picture of an abstract, bold pink leopard with red and yellow spots and blue whiskers calmly looking to the left surrounded by a teal background]

Middle Image:

[Image Description: A bright pink bookmark with a pink tassel is balanced in front of 2 stacked books on a fluffy pink fabric.The bookmark has a modern ticket design which includes decorative stars and the phrase Book Club printed on front]

Right Image:

[Image Description: A paper print of a bundle of bold, colour block abstract peaches with a thick white border is placed on a light blue background]


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