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Complete Planners

My name is Aimee and I’m usually found working as a Company Stage Manager. With my friend Charlie, an Actor, we created @completeplanners as a home for stationery that could help to support life in lockdown.

On the day we went dark, like many others, we felt at a complete loss so we talked regularly about how we could try to find ways of keeping our spirits up and staying productive. Our combined passions for organisation and beautiful stationery meant that we had plenty of planners, notebooks and diaries - but when we turned to these we found they weren’t quite right for what we were going through. So we decided to make our own!

It all began with the Living in Lockdown Daily Planner, which we designed together to encompass all the things we felt would help our fellow artists stay positive, focussed and strong. It spread so much further than creatives though, and the feedback spurred us on to design more products to complement life.

We now have a bespoke Living Planner for organisation and well being, a Fitness Planner for meal planning, workouts and exercise tracking, a set of write and rip Desk Pads for easy list making and some beautiful pens to accompany them.

Our aim is to provide practical, affordable stationery that looks great, but most importantly makes you feel good.

Instagram : @completeplanners


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