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Crafted by Lucy

Hiya, my name is Lucy and I’m the creator of @craftedby_lucy and before COVID-19 you would have found me backstage as a freelance ASM, most recently working on 9 to 5: The Musical in town.

During the first lockdown, I was trying to find a personalised and unique gift for a friend and came across a thing called string art so I thought I would give it a go and ended up loving it!

When I first started you would have often found me covered in sawdust and tangled up in string at 2 in the morning. I love the freedom of designing and creating all the different pieces and being able to be creative and hands-on with my work. I’ve been lucky enough to work on a few collaborations and custom designs and always keen for a new project.

I have ready to buy pieces on my Etsy & Instagram page but also happy to chat through any design ideas you might have.

You can check out my work here


Lucy x

[Image Descriptions:

Left: A horse's head outline with white string crisscrossing and wrapping from nail to nail, bordering the square piece of wood creating a negative space effect. This piece is sitting flat with a brown/grey fur blanket as the background.


A trio of wooden rectangular boards, each with a vertical line of 3 hearts going down in the colors of purple, pink and blue. Each design has a gradient of color from dark to light. All the hearts are crisscrossed and randomly strung between the nails. They are all laying on a grey ceramic tile in a diagonal.

Right: A white sailboat outline with string weaving back and forth between the nails creating the shape of the boat with the 2 sails and the hull. This is on a piece of timber with a wooden bark edge on the left-hand side and sitting on a wooden shelf with a white wall.]


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