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Crafty Gnome

I’m Naomi and Crafty Gnome is my company which makes modern macrame designs from high quality recycled cotton based in Herne Hill, in South London. I’ve been working in film, tv and theatre doing wigs, hair and makeup for the last eight years. One of the things I noticed was just how many plastic bottles/cups the crew got through on a daily basis. And even worse, when I brought my reusable bottle to set with me, I never had enough hands spare to carry it around and I would often lose it and find it days later in a dressing room. So when I got given a macrame course for my birthday a few years ago - the first thing I wanted to do was solve that little issue! I started making reusable water bottle slings and wearing them around the theatre and on set. After they attracted a lot of positive comments from friends and coworkers, I started to think what else I could branch out into... now Crafty Gnome makes everything from boob wall hangings to yoga straps to baby mobiles. I love creating new designs and particularly love a bespoke commission. Covid has made this last year very difficult work wise but I am thankful for the opportunity to focus on Crafty Gnome and spend more time at home with my boyfriend and dog.


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