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Dippie Hippie Illustrations

Hello! I’m Tegan, creator of @Dippiehippie_illustrations. I graduated as a Stage Manager from @royalacademyofdramaticart back in 2017 and have worked on a variety of productions since. Back in March I was about to head off to Glyndebourne Opera House for 5 months but then lockdown happened…so I started drawing classes with my tattoo artist Rebecca Vincent and later started to delve into digital drawing. 5 months later I now design my own fun graphic prints that bring me joy and hopefully others too! ⁠

As well as designing my own prints, I have been loving doing art commissions, collaborations, Logo design and brand advertising. Feel free to drop me a message if you’re interested!⁠

If you’d like to see my portfolio or follow my blog about my new journey, then head over to my website:⁠


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