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Hi I'm Amy the owner and creator of Dirtbag @dirtbag_protect_organise_live. I work as a deputy wardrobe mistress on a West End show.

The idea behind my bags came from being on tour and living out of a suitcase for months, mixed with my (and the rest of the worlds) dislike of plastic bags so I wanted to create a bag that was reusable and would also protect your possessions from dirty or wet items whilst travelling. I now have 4 different sizes in a variety of different fabrics, and many more in the pipeline. You can find me on Etsy here,

[Image Descriptions:

Left: A multi coloured bag with a busy design is slightly angled against a white back ground. The bag folds closed at the top with a black clip attached to a pink strap.

Middle: Two bags are on a white table and background. The bag in the foreground is smaller and the bag in the background is larger. Both are in the same fabric and both folded at the top and closed by a black clip.

Right: Four bags in different sizes a displayed against a white background. The largest bag is resting on a crate, underneath resting inside the crate is a smaller bag, to the left of this bag there's another bag and also one to the right, both smaller. The bags are in the same navy fabrics all folded at the top and closed with a clip, apart from the central bag which is in two different coloured complimentary fabrics.]


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