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Duchess of Decor

From being a Company Manager around the world, to a resin artist in my living room, 2020 really made me think outside the box. To keep my brain and body motivated, entertained and from turning to mush, I spent lockdown self teaching myself the art of resin. Starting as a project, it quickly grew to a hobby, to a small business and a weekly market stall. Resin is never predictable, it makes you scream in anger, jump for joy, work early mornings, late nights, weekends, puts a smile on yours and others face and is minimal pay…all the things I am used to and miss.

[Image descriptions:

Left: Set of four geode resin coasters in teal, turquoise and hot pink. The coaster are finished with gold flakes in the centre and gold edging. The coasters are staggered on top of each other in the centre of the image on a wooden table. There are two candle surrounding the set in the top left corner, and bottom right.

Middle: Irregular square resin set that link together to form a centrepiece, or can be separated for four individual coasters. Set in grey with gold flakes in the centre. Set in positioned in the centre of the frame on a wooden table, with one segment slightly out of place to display the options. There are two candle surrounding the set in the top left corner, and bottom right.

Right: Rectangular bamboo chopping board with resin sea effect in blue, turquoise and white to represent the crashing waves. The waves are on the left side, and cover just under half of the board. The board is positioned central on a white wooden table, with two candle holders either side of the board, and a rose gold tin in the top left corner.]


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