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Duckett Fitness

Hello! Welcome to @DuckettFitness. I offer 1-1 sessions which are always fun and different to keep you motivated and get results. I train in South West London (TW area) I also offer bespoke online programmes. Here, we track your weight daily, your sleep, stress levels, nutrition and specially designed fitness programmes tailored to your interests and goals. This programme includes daily and weekly check ins to keep you on track. This is for those who feel confident with exercising alone, with good form and technique, those who already work hard, but struggle to see the results. Since 2015, I have been a full time ASM in Theatre, most recently ASM on &Juliet and since 2017 I have been a part time Personal Trainer. Since theatre has shut down, I have moved to being a full time PT. For more information or to book a FREE consultation, contact or via Facebook or Instagram


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