Dyementions UK

Hello there, I'm Lucy and before the world turned upside down under a year ago, I was a dresser in the West End on a little old show called Les Miserable. I am also the creator of Dyementions UK where I make slow fashion accessories with tie-dye at the heart of every design.

At the end of lockdown 1 I started making "choose your own colour" tie-dye face masks, for family and friends on Facebook and Instagram. I felt like I was doing something good from home whilst also applying my hobby. Due to its success I expanded to an Etsy shop and here we are now.

All my accessories start life as white bamboo fabric that is then dyed and handmade into unique, colourful shibori, tie-dye and ombre pieces. From the nature of dye, every piece is a one of a kind.

You can find me on...

Instagram: @Dyementionsuk

Facebook: facebook.com/dyementionsuk

Etsy: Dyementionsuk.etsy.com

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With thanks to Mike and Judie Saunders for their financial support of this project. 

Not On The West End is a registered Etsy Affiliate. When you buy something having clicked through from this site we make a very small amount of money. This does not charge either sellers or customers, but rather Etsy themselves. This money will be used to maintain the website and keep the project running. 

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