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Dyementions UK

Hello there, I'm Lucy and before the world turned upside down under a year ago, I was a dresser in the West End on a little old show called Les Miserable. I am also the creator of Dyementions UK where I make slow fashion accessories with tie-dye at the heart of every design.

At the end of lockdown 1 I started making "choose your own colour" tie-dye face masks, for family and friends on Facebook and Instagram. I felt like I was doing something good from home whilst also applying my hobby. Due to its success I expanded to an Etsy shop and here we are now.

All my accessories start life as white bamboo fabric that is then dyed and handmade into unique, colourful shibori, tie-dye and ombre pieces. From the nature of dye, every piece is a one of a kind.

You can find me on...

Instagram: @Dyementionsuk


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