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Emily's Studio Shop

Welcome to @emilysstudioshop. I usually work in Wardrobe and have worked on a number of shows in the West End and regularly work on tour. Ordinarily I would be on tour with Strictly Come Dancing at the moment but instead I've started my own business.

Everything at @emilysstudioshop is handmade and I always use beautiful fabrics and top quality materials. I like to use Liberty London fabric and 100% Merino Wool to create lasting pieces and hopefully, bring a touch of luxury to lockdown life.

Here is a small selection of some of my lampshades, baby blanket and tote bags. These are all new products for my shop and I strive to make things which will make thoughtful presents. There are more styles and different products available online. Check out my etsy shop to view my full range of products.

Most items can be custom made to specific designs, sizes and fabrics so please do drop me an email if you have any inquiries.

Just a little note to say a massive thank you to Anna Saunders for starting up @notonthewestend. This is a great platform to access great handmade gifts and support each other as an industry.

Emily xoxo

Instagram and Facebook @emilysstudioshop


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