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Eve Leoni Art

Hi there🤩

My name is Eve and I have recently graduated from Italia Conti with a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre. During the first lockdown, I got busier with painting commissions and I found this to be a great way for me to channel my creativity in different ways. I felt particularly inspired to paint dancers and bright colours as this reminded me of performing on stage again🥰

I have since been able to display my work in local shops and set up my own website:

I take commission orders for pet portraits and other original works too

Eve x

[Image Descriptions:

Left: In the center of the image is a black framed watercolour painting of a ballerina. It is a modern style, in black and white, featuring splatters and loose lines. The ballerina is facing the left and is dressed in a tutu. She is pointing her left foot behind her, whilst arching her back and looking up to the sky.

Middle: An image of a female artist with brown hair holding a framed watercolour painting. The painting features a brown homemade pirate ship on Cleethorpes beach, with the blue sea in the bottom right corner. It is in a light driftwood frame. Behind the artist is a garden with grass and bushes.

Right: An original water colour painting of a black Labrador is central of the image. The labrador is laying down and majestically looking ahead to the top right side. He wears a brown leather collar. The paper is surrounded with half pan water colour paints and a paintbrush.]


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