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Finch and Garter Cakes

Hi everyone, I’m Nadene and the owner of @finchandgartercakes.

Before Covid struck I was working at Les Mis at the Sondheim Theatre and prior to this I was dressing in the West End for 10 years whilst juggling cake making at the same time. I really miss my old wardrobe bunch (aka my taste testers) and not being able to feed them my experimental bakes!

I know Covid hasn’t been fun, but one positive I can take from it is that it finally gave me the push I needed to set up Finch & Garter and go full time with my very own bakery. Even though setting up a business reliant on parties and celebrations in a pandemic was not the best idea at the time, I am now in a good place to restart supplying cakes for all the rescheduled weddings, birthdays and get togethers that are now on the horizon, which is a massive yay for everyone!

I specialise in wedding and celebration cakes and have designed and produced a variety of traditional, contemporary and novelty cakes. I love a cakey challenge with some of my favorite designs being a giant Rubik’s cube and a fully edible T-Rex!

Over the past year I have broadened my product range to include handmade Belgian chocolates and decorated biscuits all via post which has allowed my customers to celebrate birthdays and occasions on a smaller scale.

I work hard to buy the best quality ingredients I can find, and I really believe that a cake should taste as good as it looks. All my bakes are created in my kitchen which is based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire just north of London but I offer delivery nationwide.

I am currently taking orders through Insta and Facebook with a website on its way very soon, but in the meantime you can keep yourself updated and see what I’ve got to offer by giving me a like and a follow, or even just good old email!

Instagram: @finchandgartercakes -

Facebook: finchandgarter -

[Left Image description: A four-tiered wedding cake on a silver stand. The two bottom tiers and top tier are white and the second tier is navy blue, all have gold borders. Pale blue and white sugar flowers sit on the top tier, on the bottom tier and cascade around the middle two tiers.

Middle Image Description: image is split into 4 images with the finch and garter logo in a white round circle with gold border in the middle of the image. Top left image is a mix of 12 sugar flower topped cupcakes on a cake board with a Japanese style wave on it. Top right image is of a four-tiered wedding cake which consists of a green, white, and gold colour scheme. A mix of sugar roses, thistles, lavender, and greenery form a floral loop around the middle of the cake. The cake is topped with a fondant bride and groom riding a motorbike and sidecar. Bottom right image is on a white background and is of a collection of easter “egg and spoon” themed chocolates scattered around, there are small milk chocolate bars with white chocolate spoons and a pink/ green or blue easter egg on top. White chocolate “fried eggs”, and hot chocolate stirrers. In the spaces there are additional pink, blue and green eggs. Bottom Left image is an image of scattered Moana themed biscuits, consisting of Pineapples, a Sailing Boat, large Hibiscus flowers, “The Heart of Te Fiti” stone which is green and has an engraved pattern on it, palm trees, and round biscuits with the age 3 on them

Right Image: is of a Rubik’s cube wedding cake. A real Rubik’s cube is placed to the left of the cake for scale. The cake is on a white square board, and each level of the Rubik’s cube is twisted to an angle. On the top sits a Star Wars themed topper with fondant figurines of Darth Vader marrying Princess Leia and Hans Solo, Leia is to the left and is holding a sign that says “I Love You”, and Hans is to the right holding a sign that reads “I Know”.]


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