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Flour and Fold

Hi, I'm Jess and this is my Bakery, Flour and Fold.

I started up in the summer of 2019, offering Bespoke Cakes and Bakes. My Biscuits were very popular as press night gifts, as everything I make can be personalised, so individually tailored to the show!  I started easing off just before Coronavirus hit, as I was due to go on maternity leave and I had my son at the beginning of June. I was then made redundant from Phantom of the Opera, where I was Deputy Head of Sound a few weeks later.  With no job to return to, I decided I had to get the ball rolling and start baking again. I've introduced brownie/boxes into my range, and these will be available for UK Postal Delivery from the beginning of September.  Instagram: @flourandfold facebook:


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