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Freckled Bones

Hello everyone! My name is Faye, and just last week I launched freckled bones! Pre-lockdown I worked in the West-End as a dresser, and previously I’ve made and designed costumes too. 

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and have spent lockdown sewing scrubs and masks for family and friends. My mates have been nagging me for a while to sell my creations, so I figured they may be onto something. It’s been a few weeks of wash-testing fabric, willing my grandmas 30 year-old sewing machine to remain onboard and finding pencils under the sofa... but here we are!

The idea of freckled bones is to use materials already in existence to create something new. Forgotten floral fabrics from projects gone by and empty pages from unfinished sketchbooks have been repurposed into masks and drawings, just for you! So if you’d like a new mask to add to your collection or some art to brighten up your home office, look no further!

If you’ve an idea of your own, I’m open to commissions - so drop me a DM and we’ll go from there! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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