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Handmade by A and T

Hey! We’re husbands Adam and Tom and we run @HandmadebyAandT.

From funky face masks to scented candles, our business specialises in handmade gifts and household must-haves. It’s time to spruce things up, let your personality shine through.

Adam is an Actor/Puppeteer and Tom is a Production Electrician and Lighting Designer. We still say ‘is’ as we refuse to give up just yet! We have worked on various shows throughout our careers in the UK and Internationally, even some shows together – how we managed that we have no idea?!? We’ve been incredibly lucky to do the jobs we do and see the places we’ve seen.

We started out making face masks for family and friends, then it spiralled, after a few lock-down drinks one night ‘Handmade by A and T’ was born!

We specialise in Face Masks, Candles and Homewares. We have a wide range of face masks to suit every personality, with lots of funky fabrics to choose from. Our Candle range comes in a variety of scents including our new Christmas Spice and Christmas Tree. We have also just branched out into Aprons and Christmas Napkins, with more products on the way soon!

Make sure to check our Etsy Shop with all our latest products.

Stay safe.

A + T



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