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Handmade by Em

Hello and Welcome to Handmade By Em 

I am Emily and I have been working as a freelance stage manager for 7 years.  Most recently I assistant stage managed Be More Chill, a musical transferring over from Broadway to London, which was unfortunately cut very short due to COVID (before that you could find me at The Woman In Black, Thriller Live and many more). 

I have always created, designed and made things either for theatre or just crafting at home. I continuously have cross stitchings projects on the go, it’s an art form my mum got me into when I was small and I’ve just never stopped. I was eager to gain something positive from this year and it seemed too good an opportunity to not share my craft and skill creating pieces I love to bring some joy to others or unique gift ideas or help them build their own skills, and so Handmade By Em was born.

I mainly base my work on houseplants combining my love of bright colours and patterns into their pot details. Each design can also be added to a hanging or banner style to suit your planty needs. I also have started a collection of make your own kits so you can develop your own skills- perfect if you’re not ready to be a full plant mumma! 

If you are looking for a plant that you can’t find on my shop, get in touch and we can discuss a new design! I’m always open for custom work or altering colours/ adding text 🧡

To see more or get in touch via DM please check out my insta page @handmade_by_em_ or drop me an email at  Link to my Etsy shop is also in my bio or search my shop name - handmadebyemx


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