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Hello You Handmade Co

Hello, I’m Stefani and I launched @helloyouhandmadeco in October 2020.

I create unique watercolour cards, postcards & prints and love incorporating intricate details into all of my designs.

Having worked as an Assistant Stage Manager for the past 7 years, many of my designs are inspired by the theatre. In my Etsy shop you’ll find everything from press night cards to musical inspired designs and stage door signs of your favourite theatres.

In addition to a theatrical range, you can also find designs inspired by TV & film including popular Friends & Harry Potter inspired products.

Whilst you can see the full range of designs in my Etsy shop, I am also open for commissions. If you’d like a unique print, card or hand-painted piece to be made for you, just send me a message on Instagram or Etsy to discuss your options.


Etsy -

Instagram - @helloyouhandmadeco

As a special treat, get 10% off our Etsy shop today with the code “NOTWE10"!

[image description: an A5 watercolour print inspired by the props from the Harry Potter films. Some of the props include butterbeer, a flying key, a locket, a prison sign and a selection of jelly beans, wands, gold coins and potions. The print is on top of an open book which says “the boy who lived” and is placed on a white wooden floor.]

[image description: Four images. Top left: a greetings card showing a theatre prompt desk painted in watercolour. The prompt desk is decorated with fairy lights, break a leg cards and a leaflet that says “press night party”. The card is placed on a white wooden floor with yellow flowers. Top right: a greetings card with a Les Miserables inspired watercolour design. It features the French flag, Thenardier’s jacket, Javert’s hat and a sign that says 24601. The card is placed on a white wooden floor with a brown Kraft envelope. Bottom left: a postcard with a design inspired by the musical Wicked. It features Elphaba’s broom and hat, Glinda’s wand and shoe collection, a vile of green elixir and a blue and white striped jacket. The postcard is placed on an open book that shows the sheet music of Defying Gravity and is on a white wooden floor. Bottom right: a greetings card showing a dressing room table and mirror surrounded by lightbulbs. On the table is a variety of make up, bouquets of flowers and a bottle of champagne. Tucked into the corners of the mirror are several cards and written on the the mirror is “Break a Leg” in red lipstick. The card is placed on a white wooden background with yellow flowers.]

[image description: an A5 print showing a collage of 15 different West End stage door signs painted in watercolour. The print is on top of the open book of Hamilton lyrics and is placed on a white wooden floor with theatre tickets and yellow flowers poking in from the corners.]


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