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Hobbs & Son

Hi, I'm Holly and this is my small business @hobbsandson making punch needle and embroidery hoops for all ages!

Before lockdown I could be found in the costume department of The National Theatre and will be heading back to work next week after a year of furlough! Like so many others I set up this venture as a way to keep creative and busy during the past 12 months and have loved where this unexpected sewing side hustle has taken me.

My designs are colourful and fun, a great gift for any age, and often feature leopard print! I'm open to commissions and am happy to talk through any ideas you may have for something specific.

My little business is constantly evolving and growing with me and I have lots of design ideas ready to bring to life so watch this space!

[Image Descriptions:

Left: A punch needle embroidery of an abstract leopard print pattern in black, mustard and hot pink mounted in a bamboo hoop. Surrounding the textural hoop are coffee table books, gold necklaces and crystals.

Middle: A hand embroidery of Moominmama hugging her little Moomin. Coral thread is stitched onto a plain white linen background and mounted in a bamboo hoop. This hoop is on a red and pink Liberty print scarf.

Right: A hand holding a tattoo inspired punch needle hoop up against a bright blue sky. This hoop has the stitching showing 'wrong' side so they are flat against the pale pink linen base. A bold red heart has a scroll with the word LOVE emblazoned across it.]


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