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How's Your Father

Ay up, I’m Katie and I am the creator of How's Your Father.  Prior to lockdown, I was working as a dresser on Dolly Parton's wonderful 9 to 5 musical in London. After struggling through the long days of lockdown and searching for motivation, I finally found the courage to put myself out there into the big scary world of creatives.  

How's Your Father has been in the making for a few years and has always been my dream. I have now built a bloody brilliant brand (say that one when tipsy). How's Your Father is a fun, new adventure celebrating colour and the power of scribbles. I first took inspiration when teaching in Indonesia, I love children's artwork as they draw everything so innocently. They draw what they see and it is always backed up with such confidence.  I love the proportions and the freedom of lines. This was my inspiration to create my own collection called Opo Ndelok Ndelok, meaning 'what are you looking at? Since this exhibition in 2016 I have kept this inspiration going and am continuing on my journey. My goal and aims is to re-sell used items of clothing which I will have given a magical makeover using paints, tassels, sequins and embroidery. It will re-enter the world as a new fabulous item.  Celebrating the funny things in life, How's Your Father embodies British humour and sayings, it is a bit cheeky!  Working with eco-friendly paints and inks to hand paint and print I hope to encourage people to not buy new but buy again  :) And last but by no means least I want to introduce you to BOB, my first collection which I am working on growing into a bigger family of characters.  Be cool and join the BOB Squad now by visiting my Etsy shop to see it grow and share all my new and exciting products and ideas:

If you're a Depop addict follow @howsyourfather and follow me on Instagram @hows.your.father Buy from Etsy via


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