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Hoxcraft Carpentry

My name is Rich, and I’ve created HoxCraft Carpentry. At the start of 2020 I was working as the Head of Lighting for ‘The Red Shoes’ tour, and we sadly missed out on the taking the show internationally. I’ve used Covid, and the absence from my career, to pursue my hobby in woodworking ideas, and landed on a mix of carpentry and lighting. I’ve always had a fascination in joinery and characterfully patterned woods. So now I’ve started to make lamps out them. It’s exciting to see the grain come out as it’s shaped and finished.

I use decorative LED bulbs in my pictures, I think that they look great and provide a lovely warming glow to any space at home. They are fitted with an industrial style light fitting with a matching cable grip to the wood at the rear of the lamp. I use braided cable to further add to the aesthetics, a switch and 2m cable with mains plug are all part of the product. Just add the bulb you want to use, or message me and I can talk you through your desired look to find the best one for you. I now offer an array of light fittings and shapes, all of which have the option for altering to the look that you like most.

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