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Jo Herbert Makes

Hi, I’m Jo from @joherbertmakes. I’ve worked as an actor for the past 13 years in various West End, regional and touring theatres. I was in rehearsals at The Bridge Theatre when lockdown happened.

I’ve always loved making all my press night cards, and have always wanted to make a little business out of it. Cue lockdown, and JoHerbertMakes was born!

It started as packs of handmade cards, slowly morphing into personalised Father’s Day Cards, engagement and anniversary cards, then bigger paintings for baby rooms and house portraits and people portraits too. Each card is hand painted with watercolour making it a mini piece of art.

I like to think I’m a more customised and personal moonpig! Have a look and feel free to ask for a commission. Mother’s Day is coming after all...!

Instagram: @joherbertmakes


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