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Jonny Brown Art

Jonny is a freelance scenic artist and has previously worked as a FOH supervisor at the NT. Jonny has also pursued photography as a hobby for a number of years, and the lockdown has provided him with the chance to sit down and spend a bit more time editing some of his previous captures, rather than just applying a quick instagram filter.

His work is mostly architecture based, and captures the symmetry and extreme vanishing points of buildings in London and beyond.

Since restrictions began to ease, he has been able to head into the city centre to take advantage of the usual tourist hotspots being a lot quieter and emptier than usual. He has also embarked on a photography series of stage doors from theatres across London, still closed and with no signs of re-opening.

A full portfolio of his work can be seen on his website and prints can be purchased on his Etsy - JonnyBrownArt


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