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JoshWick Candles

Hi! My name is Josh and I am a professional Musical Theatre and Circus Artist. Before Covid you would catch me in musicals such as Cats and We Will Rock You, all the way to Circus Cabarets and Aerial work in shows such as The Wizard of Oz.

JoshWick Candles started as a little hobby to try and keep myself creative during the lockdown, and with a little push from my partner and their belief in me grew into a small business! Whilst tiring and sometimes stressful, I haven’t been this happy outside of performing in a long while. Creating and personalising candles to my customers needs and dreams makes me so happy, and standing over my little stove in my kitchen creating new colours and ideas has really kept me going.

All our products are made from 100% Soy Wax, which is a blessing for its eco-friendly, vegan and sustainable nature. To partner this we only use matching dyes and essential oils that also have the same properties.

We currently work in container candles and wax melts, but we are currently plotting with our pillar candles and carved candles. As well as this, we are experimenting with a new type of soy wax which allows us to send refills to our customers to fit the jars they already have!

You can contact us via Instagram: @joshwick_candles

Facebook: JoshWick Candles

We’re always to talk through any ideas you have and to work and customise to create your ideal home decor candle!

[Image descriptions:

Left: An Ombré Brown Coffee Large Curved Container Candle, with breakfast cereal and coffee around it and flowers. Middle: A large curved container candle on the corner of a sofa with an aquarium to the right. It has a cream coloured base and the top half is a variety of coloured flowers made of wax. Right: A pyramid of container candles, 3 small cylinder ones, with two large curved on the outside. Various colours of brown, purple, yellow and pink in both layered and marbled styles. In the background is a vase of red roses.]


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