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JPye Masks

My name is Jessica and I run @jpye_masks, which is a handmade mask shop

Before the pandemic I was a costume freelancer and a casual dresser at New Wimbledon Theatre.

My business first started as a few commissions here and there from an artist friend and professionals, my clients wanted quality and a range of colours and patterns,

What started as a few commissions in June 2020, quickly grew into an Etsy shop selling a range of patterned and novelty masks.

The goal for my Etsy shop was to make fun and stylish patterned masks that people would want to wear and something that would represent their personality – as I like to say your mask shouldn't be boring it should reflect you.

I’ve started to expand my products at the start of this year, and now I offer six different styles of masks bags to mix or match your masks,

Masks are made to order and take 3-5 days to dispatch, I also offer free 1st class delivery!

Bespoke orders are also available, just get in touch!

You can shop the full range by clicking the link in my profile bio or searching JPye Masks on Etsy.

Stay Safe,

Jessica x.

Instagram: @jpye_masks

[Image Descriptions

Left Image:

A Japanese ‘sakura’ cherry blossom style face mask in navy with metallic printed gold blossoms, the mask is folded showing the left side up. To the back-left of the mask is a white fabric flower to pop the colours of the mask.

Middle Image:

In the centre are two Toile de Joy style masks one in blue and one in grey, on a natural wooden background. To the left of the masks is a glass flower vase filled with fabric flowers; and in the bottom right corner is text stating ‘Support Small’

Right Image:

A Red, Stewart Tartan Mask Bag and matching mask on a white background with gold flecks. The mask bag has a silver swivel clip on the left of the image, and a fabric label of the shop logo.}


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