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Kitty's Attic Shop

Hello! I’m Gemma from Essex, and I launched @kittysatticshop in July 2020. I sell women’s vintage and pre-loved clothing from the 50’s all the way through to the 00’s. I am aiming to do a menswear launch later this year too.

Up until March 2020, I was a full time freelance Assistant to Costume Supervisors and Stylists across theatre, TV and film.

In 2012, my small-but-mighty Nanna, Kitty from Co.Cork, who was 81 years old at the time, suggested I visit her to go through some old clothes she had in her attic.

“I have pieces just like the ones you are buying!”

On my arrival, I let myself in through the front door and followed the muffled sounds coming from upstairs. I got to the landing and looked up. Through the loft hatch I saw her rummaging through bin bags. She quickly started launching them down at me one after the other, I couldn’t keep up! She’s extremely strong limbed and nimble for an 81 year old. That day, I left her house with a car full of clothes and a stomach full of Irish fry up (Clonakilty black pudding and sausages to be exact).

With my newly accumulated volume of vintage clothes, I was inspired to open a shop, the only problem was finding the time to do it! From that moment, I continued to accumulated pieces and store them away until I found the time to photograph everything.

Fast forward to March 2020, I suddenly had all this free time and baking banana bread everyday was becoming quite boring. Kitty’s Attic, the shop, was finally launched! My Nanna, now 89 years old and freshly retired (as of June 2020) is and always will be my biggest inspiration in life. She loves helping me with the listings!

The shop has given me the chance to showcase my styling skills, stay creative and challenge my resourcefulness during a pandemic.

You’ll find Kitty’s Attic on Etsy where you can favourite the shop and received instant notifications when new listings are added.

[Image descriptions

Right: A model in the centre of the image, against a stark white background wears a 1960s Sissy Kleider shift dress with a floral print in bright pastel blues, greens and pinks. Model has accessorised with white framed cat-eye sunglasses and a sheer purple scarf around her head in a Grace Kelly manner.

Middle: A model wears a 1980s Laura Ashley 50s style prom dress. The dress is black with vibrant flowers in pink, red, yellow, blue & green. The model wears the matching bolero over the dress, some baby pink satin mule style high heels & red lipstick.

Left: A model in the centre of the image, against a stark white background wears a 1970s Linzi cotton wrap midi skirt with an unusual hexagonal tile print in warm brown hues. Inside each tile design is a display of small flowers. The skirt is matched with a black roll neck, black boots and a black beret.]


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