Laura Foy Studio

I’m Laura the creative behind @laurafoystudio where I sell colourful, retro inspired art prints and greetings cards.

When I’m not painting neon signs and motels, I’m an assistant set designer and model maker. I started my dream job in the model room at the Royal Opera House the morning after all the theatres went dark in March, a few weeks later I was furloughed, and I had to find another way to keep busy and so Laura Foy Studio was born.

My art is inspired by nostalgic American road trips and offers a colourful escape to more carefree times. My aim is to spread some colourful joy without having an adverse effect on the environment, all my prints are on recycled paper, my packaging is plastic free, recyclable and mostly made from recycled products too.

You can find my shop on Etsy under laurafoystudio, or follow the link in my bio.

[Image Descriptions:

Left image: a hand holding four brightly coloured greetings cards, the first card is a painting of an American diner, the second a wooden cabin, the third a plant shop and the fourth an A frame cabin.

Middle image: a shelf with a framed print of Marigold’s plant shop, next to the frame are two plants and a small vase

Right image: a selection of art prints photographed from above including a painting of an American diner, a donut shop and a motel sign reading ‘oh happy days’.]

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With thanks to Mike and Judie Saunders for their financial support of this project. 

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