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Lisa Hickey Design

Hello! My name is Lisa: may I introduce my business Lisa Hickey Design, where I specialise in designing and hand-making retro bags and accessories, inspired by the swinging 1960’s.

Primarily I work in the Wardrobe Department across UK theatres and the West End, and have been working in the industry for 15 years. I was just about to finish a long tech week for @mountviewldn, when the pandemic hit, and everything came to a sudden grinding halt (I never thought I would miss tech as much as I do!).

Due to this closure of all theatres, and the plight of the Arts, to aid my mental health I decided to keep sewing and stay creative by making bags for myself, inspired by my collection of 1960s vintage clothing and passion for the time period (anyone who knows me will tell you I was born in the wrong time period!).

This eventually led to the creation of my Etsy shop...and the on-going sourcing of retro inspired fabric prints in striking colours and the screen printing of my original art works ever since; and therefore the creation of Lisa Hickey Design. Everyone needs a bit of colour in their life, especially now!

I love designing new bag and accessory ideas, and would love to invite you into my little community bubble, so as to keep up to date on new designs being launched! Bags that look ahead to those glory days when we can go out-out again!

The work of @notonthewestend and the support generated by the community, I am incredibly touched and thankful for, and have been a huge encouragement to myself over the past few months. I am extremely proud to play my own part and to feature today.

Instagram: @lisahickeydesign

Facebook: lisahickeydesign

[left: a beige tote bag is being held on the shoulder of a female dressed in black . She is standing against a white background. The tote bag has a screen-printed motif of Brigitte Bardot in the centre set against a blue rectangle. A gold circle is painted behind her head with three sunrays pointing from the top through the right side]

[middle: a clutch bag made of a black and white fabric that has a tangram Op-Art design. It has a yellow asymmetric flap with a white bobble style button in the bottom right corner. A hand is holding the bag by the top right corner against a black and white backdrop of horizontal lines.]

[right: a clutch bag made of white scale effect fake leather. It has an asymmetric flap pointing to the left hand side made from fabric with a black and white tangram Op-Art design. A white bobble style button sits in the asymmetric point. Image is set on a two tone background of a white rectangle on the left and a black rectangle on the right]


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