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Little Luxe Cakes

Hi everyone! I'm Lilly and I am currently the Assistant Musical Director at '& Juliet' at the Shaftesbury Theatre ( @julietmusical ) When Covid-19 hit I found myself sitting at home like everyone else wondering what to do with my life in the months ahead. So whilst baking a cake one day at home I thought that I could try and sell my treats and create a small business, and that's how Little Luxe Cakes was born!

I have always loved baking, and would bring baked goods to the musicians pit all the time and make cakes for friends birthdays etc. I always wondered what it would be like to do it as a part time business alongside my music but as many other theatre folk know, life gets in the way and you never get around to it! 

If you are at all interested, I can post all of my sugar cookies and treat boxes anywhere in the UK, just DM me on instagram @littleluxecakes or email me at

I've been very lucky to be doing something I love whilst waiting for the shows to come back, and I think it is wonderful that Not On The West End have showcased the immense talent that our fellow theatre folk have!


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