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Lughole Luvvin

What we got EAR then? ALOHA! I'm Han. I'm an actor by trade. I jump into other people's shoes, create characters and sometimes get to wear super groovy clothes! When COVID swept the world, it brought so many industries to a stand-still; The Arts included. Out of work and full of character, I combined my love for Polymer Clay with my love for making up stories, to bring you Lughole Luvvin! Pretty much every set of earrings I make has a full character attached to them. I love putting my headphones on in my studio, getting lost in my mind and seeing which characters come out! Early in 2021, I set off on a mission to start a movement - to get people motivated and imaginative during Lockdown 3.0. I wanted to share the liberating experience I get when CREATING. So, I launched Lughole Luvvin's Make Your Own Clay Earrings Kits! They've been flyin' off the shelves and it warms my heart EVERY SINGLE TIME I'm sent unique, beautiful creations and messages SHARING THE LUV! Along with WHO I create, WHAT I'm creating is also SOOO important to me. In a world where Social Media confuses our brains, body images and perceptions of reality more and more each day. Where Feminists are ridiculed - as if 'To Be A Feminist' means anything other than 'To Believe In Equality', at its root. I wanted to produce Strong, Funny, Full, Light-Hearted, BOSS, Kooky, Well-Rounded, Familiar, Nostalgic, Uncensored, REAL, Quirky, WoMeN. A project and a SAFE-SPACE full of humour, that brings smiles to the faces of my LUVVAS/LUVVIES/PUNTERS and provides a sense of FREEDOM and JOY to any reader. A generator of Hope & GRL PWR! So join me, get stuck in, HAVE SOME MORE FUN & PASS IT ON! LUV 2 U 'N' UR LUGHOLES xxx @lugholeluvvin


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