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Masks of Hackney


My name is Sabia, I am a freelance Costume Supervisor. Since graduating 4 years ago I have worked on a wide variety of theatre and opera productions in the UK and abroad, and prior to lockdown I was the Assistant Costume Supervisor on Message in a Bottle.

Masks of Hackney was created in response to a number of articles I read about the rise in plastic pollution from disposable face masks. I realised I could find a way to make good use of all the fabrics I had collected from various productions and travels, and get back behind the sewing machine!

All masks are hand made to order using natural fabrics and all the fabrics used are remnants so there is less fabric waste and new fabrics added regularly. I also make large tote bags, and Linen handbags, and slowly I’m adding one off items that use up the odds and ends!

You can get in touch through Instagram @masksofhackney or visit


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